About Us

As one of the leading electrical contractors in the region, we, at Alpha Electric, are committed to working with honesty and transparency and ensuring complete client satisfaction. Our work ethic is evident in every job we complete, whether it is our inspection services or providing our clients accurate information for an educated decision. Our focus is always on the values we uphold as a company and for our customers.

Working with us doesn't mean a one-way communication; we build lasting relationships to provide you with the best service according to your liking. Unlike most other electrical contractors, we listen to you so we can understand your needs and then do our best to deliver them. As a result, we are committed to your purpose and vision.

With Alpha Electric, you can rest easy because we have you covered. We will complete each job with utmost precision, top quality, and safety in mind.

Customer Satisfaction

You can rest easy when you choose us because customer satisfaction is in our core values and is espoused by each team member. At Alpha Electric, our customers are our top priority, and this always shows in our work.


We believe in excellence, and that is evident in every job we perform. With us, at Alpha Electric, you can be sure that you will get the best and safest services in the region.


We follow the cardinal rule of transparency, making sure that our customers know everything we are doing on their property and they are satisfied with the result. We believe you deserve the best!

Reliable and Professional Electrical Solutions

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Handling electrical wiring, appliances, and more is no walk in the park, which is why specific certifications are needed to market your services. We, at Alpha Electric, check all the boxes in this regard. Courtesy of our strong technical base, we are fully certified, and our technicians can handle all projects, no matter how intense they are. Turn to us for all your electrical needs, and you surely won't be dismayed.

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From laying down wiring to repairing already installed grids to address other electrical issues, we vouch to deliver on time and in the most proficient manner. Call us, at Alpha Electric, to survey your place, and we will give you an exact estimate of the delivery dates along with how much money you may have to spend. To keep things as clear as possible, you will be involved in every step of the process because we believe that our job's success depends on your satisfaction with our services.

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All our employees are backed by strong merits and years of experience. They are more than capable of proficiently handling whatever task is assigned, and they will ensure to deliver within the timeframe and budget you have set.

Not only this, they will take you through the entire process to help you understand your residential or commercial building's electrical system.

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Don't just take our word for it; do your own research. Simply call us for a survey, and we will provide you with an almost exact estimate. Then compare the rates we have given to what other companies—providing a similar service—are charging. Undoubtedly, you too will agree that you are in safe, capable hands that will ensure stellar results without burning a hole in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Tell What is Tripping My Circuit Breaker?

During the peak of winter and summer months, you will possibly start experiencing frequent power outages—even more than normal. This period can be considered on-season for our technicians as they receive the highest number of calls. We mention this because these conditions have much to do with your circuit breaker tripping.

The first thing you must do is check your circuit breaker box. Unfortunately, the rows of switches sometimes make it difficult to guess which breaker is linked to a specific appliance. Therefore, most people continue flipping the out-of-alignment switches to somehow get everything to work again.

We must warn you that this will not always solve your problem. How about instead of trying to flip the switch yourself and risking an electrical accident, you contact us to diagnose and determine the cause of the fault? Our technicians make you and your safety their top priority. Hence, it’s time to bring your electrical issues to us!

Can I Install Electric Wiring Myself?

Some counties do allow you to perform your electric wiring by yourself. Still, you have to have a permit before your installation is inspected by the county or city electrical inspector.

In addition, Hamilton city regulations dictate that only a certified electrical contractor can install electric wiring. As a result, it might be difficult for you to do that there. The best way is to contact the local city council and inquire about electrical work laws in your area.

You can go through this hassle or contact Alpha Electric and have us set up your electrical wiring. Our certified professionals have all the necessary qualifications and experience set by your city’s government. So why go through all that when you can sit back, relax, and let us take care of all your circuitry, appliance work, and other issues at the most reasonable rates.

We believe in delivering perfect results and will work on your house like it was our own!

How Much Will an Electrical Job Cost Me?

In our experience, we have observed that our customers prefer getting accurate price estimation based on the specific electrical issue before the work begins. However, that is difficult as most initial quotes change once our technician looks at the job. We don’t think it is fair to you or any of our customers to state an inaccurate rate based on mere assumptions—all jobs are different.

Therefore, having us diagnose your problem in person will give us the information necessary to help you understand exactly what the job will cost. At Alpha Electric, we provide diagnostic services so you can understand what the problem is before we begin working on it.

Moreover, our transparency policy makes sure that you understand all the details and options you have to make an informed decision. With years of experience in the field, our technicians will help you in every way possible. In addition, our prices are market-competitive, so you don’t have to worry about signing up with us!

How can I Know if My Electrical Outlet is Burning?

Emergency room doctors have to treat several victims of faulty electrical outlets all over the country—some can even be near-fatal. Do not let your loved ones fall victim to an unfortunate accident and have your electric wiring inspected immediately.

Most electrical and fire-related injuries can be prevented by regularly checking the outlet receptacles in your house or commercial setting. If you’re in Burlington, Oakville, or nearby areas, let us help you with the process.

We, at Alpha Electric, are among the few fully qualified and certified for inspections, so do not take a chance on your safety and get in touch with us today! Our professionals offer the most reliable and safe services. We will inspect your entire electrical system and provide feedback and ideas on how you can update it if needed. At Alpha Electric, we believe in customer satisfaction, and your safety and project fulfillment is our top priority.