It is our recommendation to install ceiling fans throughout the home to reduce energy costs. It is estimated up to 20% reduction on hydro bills when combined with the furnace fan. Fans being heavy and having fast moving parts, we make sure they are installed safely and supported correctly for years of use.

How Ceiling Fans Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Ceiling fans reduce energy in two ways. First, fans circulate the air in the room, preventing hot air from accumulating at the ceiling helping equalize the temperature throughout the room, so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard.

Ceiling fans cool by evaporation, like a wind chill factor which will make it feel about 6 degrees cooler in your home than it actually is. And ceiling fans don’t just save money in the summer. They run counterclockwise in the summer, but include reverse switches and by having the fan run clockwise in the winter, homeowners can reduce their heating bills as well.

In fall and winter changing the direction of the fan makes the air column go up toward the ceiling and drives air currents up on the ceiling to the wall and down the wall, and that helps redistribute heat from the ceiling which helps lower the heating bills by re-circulating the heat.